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it was 1 o clock and i was passed out with out a doubt i heard my… - rae01236 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 30th, 2010|11:58 pm]
it was 1 o clock and i was passed out with out a doubt i heard my phone go off and just from the ringtone i knew it was him, i knew it wouldn't be good why would he text me so late. I layed there in some god awful spell i couldnt believe what i was reading i couldnt believe the guy i fell so hard for was telling me all these horrible things. I just layed there, i couldn't comprehend a thing. i guess thats what i get for not listening right? everyone warned me it was just a matter of time and i found out. I haven't talked to him sense then, i haven't seen him but i know from the lack of communication he's doing alright. im doing alright.

i know from 10 months ago how depressing everything was,  and i hope everything will be different this time around. i know people grow up and some dont. people are stuck in their ways and there is no way out. you cant help the people that dont want help, loving someone is uncontrolable and i know that first hand, it sucks.  I never want to feel this again, worst pain imaginable.

i sometimes wonder if i ever cross your mind..